Willie Hill, CBO, ACO

Willie Hill, CBO, ACO

Code Compliance

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CBO Certified Building Official
ICC Certified Plans Examiner
ICC Certified Building Inspector
ICC Certified Plumbing Inspector
ICC Certified Mechanical Inspector

https://10rate.com/dpdxf0f0omy Education:
AS, Industrial Technology, Chemeketa Community College

Willie leads BHC’s Building Code and Construction Compliance services. Willie has over 30 years of experience providing building code, construction inspection, building permitting, and plan review services. Working directly with building owners, architects, engineers, and developers, Willie provides comprehensive building safety services such as building, fire, and ancillary codes interpretation and administration, definition and direction of state and federal laws that local jurisdictions are required to enforce, and inspection services for buildings. When Willie isn’t working, he enjoys diving, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his family on his orchard in Eastern Washington.
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