Dave Harms, PE

Dave Harms, PE


https://wash.co.uk/lj9oscfah BHC Since:

https://writersrebel.com/3cq5dpov Registration/Certification:
Professional Engineer, WA

https://vavasseur-antiques.com/pyzokbt Education:
BS, Civil Engineering at University of Washington

Dave is a senior engineer with BHC. His primary focus is water, sewer, and stormwater computer modeling in support of comprehensive planning efforts and design studies. His passion for modeling began in 1983, performing a SWMM modeling analysis for an EIS. Dave values responsive client service and enjoys the challenge of using hydraulic models to find innovative solutions for utility capital improvements and optimizing system operations. Dave grew up in the Seattle area and his main passion is spending time with his family. He also enjoys getting outdoors and especially hiking the Cascades and Olympics. One of his favorite hikes is Granite Mountain in the fall, when the huckleberries are ripe.
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