Wastewater System Analysis, Seattle Public Utilities


Project engineer responsible for calibration of the sewer collection system model and analysis of north central and northeast Seattle using the PCSWMM hydraulic model. The model included both combined and separated sewers and was calibrated to flow meter data collected as part of the project. Model hydrology was calibrated and included groundwater to account for sewer response to rainfall events during different seasons. After calibration was completed, a design storm accounting for climate change was used to define undersized pipes. The model was then iterated that upsizing pipes would not drive capacity problems downstream. After this process was finalized, hydraulically connected problem areas were defined to help SPU prioritize a capital improvement program.


  • PCSWMM model of both separated and combined sewer
  • Calibrated model included hydrologic and groundwater components
  • Delineated problem areas to prioritize projects for the capital improvement program