CE-1 Pump Station Upgrade



BHC designed upgrades to the CE-1 Pump Station that included replacement of two old 400‑horsepower pumps with newer higher capacity 385-horsepower pumps, replacement and addition of critical instrumentation and isolation gates, new interior piping, rehabilitation of the wet well, and replacement of the old eddy current drives with new variable frequency drives.  The new larger pumps increase firm capacity of the pump station to 14.4 MGD and improve redundancy and reliability of this critical facility.  The design includes accommodations for replacing the two existing smaller 100-horsepower pumps with pumps identical to the two new pumps installed to further increase capacity for accommodating future growth.


  • Increased pump station firm capacity
  • Maintained uninterrupted operation of this critical facility during construction
  • Targeted the most critical improvements to meet budget constraints


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