Lakota WWTP UV Disinfection System Upgrade, Lakehaven Water & Sewer District

Federal Way Washington

About In partnership with Trane, an energy services company, BHC designed and helped implement improvements to the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system at the Lakota WWTP.  The old UV system had become inefficient and was extremely labor intensive, requiring frequent manual cleaning of the numerous UV lamps.  The new UV disinfection system provides UV dose pacing for improved energy efficiency, automated cleaning of the UV lamps, and fewer higher efficiency lamps.  Modifications were made to existing concrete channels to install the new UV disinfection system, which included extension of the channels to allow future installation of twice as many UV banks.  This provides flexibility to add UV banks to meet potential stricter discharge limits, accommodate growth, and/or further increase system redundancy.



  • Drastically reduced labor requirements for maintenance of the UV disinfection system
  • Reduced energy consumption and increased disinfection performance
  • Design-build delivery method substantially reduced costs for the temporary chemical disinfection being used to supplement the old under-performing UV disinfection system


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