Water System Plan Update

Port Orchard


BHC converted Port Orchard’s existing hydraulic model in H2O Net software to InfoWater. A combination of the existing H2O Net model, SCADA system information, and staff interviews was used to verify and update the model. Upon model calibration, a system-wide modeling analysis of current and future scenarios to identify appropriate zone extents and boundary requirements was performed. Future scenarios will include multiple new sources of supply, storage reservoirs, and PRVs. The Water System Plan update includes population analysis, source and storage capacity evaluation, water rights analysis, adoption of a new Water Use Efficiency program, capital improvements, and analysis of proposed infrastructure and private development projects.


  • Performing concurrent services for new well design and source approval
  • Established hydraulic model in GIS, including calibration and modeling of future population projections
  • Developed demand projections for a rapidly growing service area
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