Solid Waste BHC’s solid waste consulting practice provides high quality design and analysis services for various types of landfill and other solid waste management facilities in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada. Our experience includes site development planning, concept development and preliminary design, permitting, final design, providing bidding and construction support services, development of operations and maintenance plans, and providing technical support during operations.

We have extensive experience in design of geomembranes and composite geosynthetics for new landfill cell development, landfill closures, modifications to closed landfills, and leachate management facilities. We also have extensive experience with leachate collection, conveyance, storage, and treatment facilities.

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Cedar Hills Regional Landfill (CHRLF) Area 7 Staged Closure King County Washington

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Cedar Hills Regional Landfill (CHRLF) Area 8 Development

King County Washington

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