Title 18 Update


https://10rate.com/nh3agzx8 BHC worked with the City of Issaquah to overhaul its land use code to make it easier to use and understand. The code was carefully revised to remove confusing or redundant sections, to clarify language and add helpful graphics, and to bring development regulations in line with best practices. Following on the completion of the City’s Climate Action Plan, BHC implemented several of the climate resiliency actions into the zoning code.



  • Modernized the code for ease of use and clarity
  • Added helpful graphics and formatting
  • Integrated climate resiliency actions from Climate Action Plan
  • Conducted robust public engagement with engaged citizens and boards



Comprehensive Plan Update


BHC worked with the City of Morton to bring its Comprehensive Plan into compliance with the Washington Growth Management Act. We provided updated population and growth projections, along with housing supply data and projected demand. An overarching goal of the update was to incorporate climate resiliency throughout the plan. To achieve this, BHC conducted a climate change vulnerability assessment and determined appropriate resiliency measures specific to the City’s needs.



  • Periodic update included changes to all elements
  • Climate change resiliency measures added throughout the plan
  • Prepared new GIS maps for zoning, land use, environmentally sensitive areas, and public facilities