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Planning - Long Range Planning

Project Briefs

Duvall Comprehensive Plan Update and EIS, City of Duvall, WA
BHC teamed with others to assist the City of Duvall in the review and preparation of amendments to the Comprehensive Plan in compliance with the GMA 2015 periodic update. Working alongside the City’s grant for a Watershed-based Land Use Planning project, the BHC team provided a holistic view of natural processes that can inform the Comprehensive Plan, as well as shape the Land Use Element and sharpen critical area and shoreline management policies, leading to more informed refinements for zoning, open space preservation, and implementation.

Sewer, Water, and Stormwater System Plan Updates, City of Monroe, WA
BHC was retained to update the Sewer General Plan, the Water System Plan and the Stormwater Comprehensive Plan while the City concurrently conducted the 2015 periodic update of the Comprehensive Plan. Updating all three documents at the same time allowed an opportunity to combine common elements, such as population and land capacity analysis, which resulted in cost and time savings. The utility system plans were incorporated and appended to the Comprehensive Plan. Each utility system plan is consistent with each other and the overall Comprehensive Plan.

Lewis County Comprehensive Plan Update, Lewis County, WA
BHC Consultants assisted the County with the periodic review and amendment of the Comprehensive Plan as mandated by the Growth Management Act (GMA). The objective was to create a holistic perspective of the County’s recent planning activity and achieve compliance with the GMA, as well as to meet the community’s expectations. Work involved significant revision of the housing and capital facilities elements, as well as the creation of new economic development element. All other elements were reviewed and revised to reflect current and forecasted conditions. Additionally, BHC assisted the County in meeting Growth Hearings Board directives to comply with statutory requirements for the preservation and use of prime agricultural lands.

Long Range Planning Services, Town of Skykomish, WA
BHC provides long range planning services to the Town of Skykomish. Prior work includes the Vision for Skykomish, the Parks, Trails and Open Space Plan, and updates to the Comprehensive Plan and Shoreline Master Program.

The Vision for Skykomish was drafted with significant community engagement, as well as the involvement of local, regional and state agencies, the University of Washington’s Northwest Center for Livable Communities and EnviroIssues. The Vision project was undertaken in 2006 in conjunction with the BNSF Railway cleanup of contaminated soils as overseen by the Department of Ecology. This provided the Town with an extraordinary opportunity to carry out projects and actions that will contribute to implementing this Vision. The Vision works to preserve the future of this historic small town, and gives the community a sense of what the town will be like in years to come. It establishes strategies – from economic planning to infrastructure development – designed to help local businesses survive and grow post-cleanup. The Vision for Skykomish was the recipient of the 2006 APA/PAW Joint Awards Program Merit Award in the Citizen Involvement Plans Category.

BHC has conducted updates to the Skykomish Shoreline Management Program (SMP) and Comprehensive Plan. The SMP update included identifying the shoreline jurisdiction; inventory and characterization report; updating goals, policies and regulations; completing the cumulative impact analysis; and formulating a restoration plan.

BHC worked with the Planning Commission in the periodic review and update of the Skykomish Comprehensive Plan as mandated by the Growth Management Act. The primary objective of the update was to eliminate redundant or previously implemented goals and policies to create a user-friendly document that is an accurate depiction of the community’s needs and vision. Recent planning activities were integrated, such as the Vision for Skykomish and the SMP; analyses were updated; and a new focus on public safety associated with the recent Miller River Washout was incorporated. The Plan was updated on schedule and approved and certified by state and regional agencies.

As the Town’s on-call planning consultant, BHC also performs annual and periodic updates of the SMP and Comprehensive Plan as necessary.

Long Range Planning Services, City of Orting, WA
BHC has been the “planning department” for the City of Orting since 1992. This includes the first GMA comprehensive plan and development code and subsequent updates; the first SMA master program and updates; and numerous special plans and studies. BHC has successfully assisted the City in obtaining grant funding for much of the long-range planning work.

In 2004, BHC prepared the Orting Parks, Trails and Open Space Plan and associated parks impact fee ordinance. BHC worked with the community to create a park classification system and LOS standards and used these tools to assess the existing need and establish the future demand. The policy framework was incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan. In 2005, we assisted the City in securing King County Conservation Futures funding purchase 40 acres of prime land for habitat protection and development of a community park. The Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan received the 2006 APA Honorable Mention Award – Rural/Small Towns. BHC conducted subsequent updates to maintain RCO certification and grant eligibility.

BHC teamed with others in the recent periodic update of the Comprehensive Plan and implementing Development Regulations. BHC drafted and implemented the public participation program, including community surveys, planning commission workshops, public open houses and public hearings. Goals and policies were updated; analyses, strategies and related implementing regulations were evaluated; functional plans were integrated; and docketed map amendments for land use designation changes were reviewed. BHC concurrently updated the Parks, Trails and Open Space Plan to ensure consistency between documents.