Planning meeting
BHC Consultants’ Planning group has been serving Washington communities since 1990, a period that spans the life of the Growth Management Act (GMA). During this time, BHC has provided growth management guidance and technical assistance to both the State and over 60 Washington jurisdictions. Our experience spans initial growth management planning to the present work of updating plans and development codes, preparing sub-area and neighborhood plans, integrating SEPA and GMA, and helping to infuse critical areas ordinances and shoreline master programs with best available science. BHC’s Planning portfolio includes:

  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Subarea and Neighborhood Plans
  • Development Codes
  • Critical Area Ordinances
  • Shoreline Master Programs
  • Programmatic SEPA Review
  • GMA Compliance
  • Capital Facilities Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Current Planning & Permit Review
  • Public Outreach
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Intergovernmental Coordination
  • Parks Planning
  • Annexation Studies
  • Economic Development
  • Flood Hazard Management
  • Population Forecasts for Utility Plans


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