Civil Engineering

In the last 10 years, BHC Engineering staff have completed over 150 projects for municipalities and special purpose districts in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Nevada. BHC offers full civil and structural engineering services including comprehensive planning, design and construction management for wastewater, potable water, storm drainage and solid waste systems. Our scope of engineering services includes:

  • Sewer System Analysis and Design
  • Water System Analysis and Design
  • Stormwater Management, System Analysis and Design
  • Comprehensive Water and Sewer Planning
  • Pump Station Design
  • Wastewater and Water Reuse System Design
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
  • Outfall Analysis and Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Feasibility Study/Report
  • Construction Services
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Capital Improvement Plans and Funding Analysis
  • LID and ULID Formation
  • Grant and Loan Application Assistance
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Landfill Design, Closure and Reuse
  • Leachate Collection and Treatment
  • Landfill Gas Control Monitoring
  • Easement Preparation and Acquisition
  • Biosolids Handling Design
  • Civil Plan Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony



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